Fruits and vegetables don’t have to look perfect to taste great.

Pair of Naturally Imperfect™ unpeeled imperfectly-shaped orange carrots.

freshness comes in many shapes and sizes

This lineup of fresh fruits and vegetables may have imperfect shapes or small blemishes, but the taste, quality and price are still very nice. And the great news is, once you peel, cut or cook the produce, their imperfections don’t even matter. Even your homemade apple pie would agree!


frozen fruit is full of flavour

Frozen fruit is always ready for blending, baking or snacking. Good thing our no name® Naturally ImperfectTM frozen fruit makes shopping for produce simple — and affordable. The fruit may not be perfect looking, but it still tastes delicious. See for yourself. Blend it in a homemade smoothie or jam and, like us, you’ll know beauty is skin deep.

Frozen Blueberries

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